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Get Safe, Superior Dermal Fillers and Affordable Anti Aging Treatments

As we age, we lose the natural filler we have under our skin (hyaluronic acid). This means we lose the elasticity/ filler which results in facial skin to sag. The areas that this is the most obvious is in: our cheeks, the area between the corner of our nose and mouth and border and volume of our lips. To replace the volume we use filler (synthetic hyaluronic acid) to plump up these areas which results in a fresher/ younger appearance.

To do this, we inject a dermal filler under the skin in the areas that volume has been lost. This procedure requires a trained professional in facial aesthetics to ensure that the treatment is safe and the results are as natural as possible.

If facial fillers are a treatment you are interested in, you will require a full confidential consultation to discuss your individual needs. After this consultation you may want time to think about the treatment options or you may decide that this treatment is not for you – there is no charge for the consultation or commitment to proceed. 

The fillers we use at Peach Aesthetics are both European and FDA approved. There are many fillers out there which do not comply with these standards and must be avoided as they may cause damage.

Peach Aesthetics is a private, discrete Clinic which specialises in dermal fillers, Botox and affordable anti aging treatments– it is not a beauty salon. Perrie Severa is a trained professional with over 30 years in health care and she is a licenced trained facial Aesthetic Practitioner. Perrie insists that you need to have confidence in her as a trained practitioner and will only go ahead with a treatment when you fully understand what it entails. Your treatment is always tailored to your specific requirements. 

If you have searched for dermal fillers or affordable anti aging treatment, this may bring up many options of providers of these services.  Please do your homework as not all providers are the same and unfortunately some do not conform to the strict regulatory standards required by law to practise facial aesthetics. Instead, rely on experts like Peach Aesthetics, one of the best providers for fillers in London.

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